Wednesday, August 11, 2010

U.S. Is Bankrupt and We Don't Even Know It: Laurence Kotlikoff - Bloomberg

U.S. Is Bankrupt and We Don't Even Know It: Laurence Kotlikoff - Bloomberg

Laurence Kotlikoff is another economist who has no clue about the real world.

The United States can pull itself out of this mess in a couple of years if we can get our elected officials to do the following.

1. close the Federal Department of Energy
2. close the Federal Environmental Protection Agency EPA
3. close the Federal Department of Education
4. take away the pensions and social security from every elected official who has retired. They left our nation in a lot of debt, they should be held responsible for paying back the money they have stolen from hard working tax payers in the private sector.

By closing these 3 departments, The United States will add over 5million new jobs within 1 year alone! These new jobs will take people off the unemployment lines and create tax paying citizens out of them. Once the Department of Energy is closed, we will have energy independence and terrorist nations will no longer be able to use Energy as a leverage against us. Once the EPA is closed, manufacturing jobs will once again return to America! Once the Department of Education is shut down, our schools will once again become institutions of learning.

Unless the above mentioned federal departments are closed, we will be doomed and our future will be most uncertain!

Please encourage your elected official to shut down a federal department and give us back our country!