Thursday, November 26, 2009

Obama's health care solution for seniors

If you are over 50 years of age, the Obama government health care will no longer focus on proper medical treatment for you or your loved ones. Instead of necessary surgeries, government will advocate the use of pain killers to save costs. This will also get our senior citizens eventually hooked on drugs. the government has no place in the health care industry or any other industry for that matter. Email or call congress and tell them you want no part of their destructive health care program.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Our federal Government is a Godless bunch of Liars

The amount of lies that come out of Washington DC has reached a level we have never seen before. History tells us that God is Truth, god is not an all powerful object, thing, spirit, symbol or a person, it is the simple act of speaking the truth. By that definition, almost all of our politicians are evil lying cheating greedy corrupt people. We can see these evil politicians spreading lies and dividing our nation almost daily in the media from health care to energy to taxes. When our federal government refuses to acknowledge the real truth about global warming, when they mislead us over universal health care or taxes, when they do everything they do to conceal, cover up and hide their true intentions then they are letting evil guide them to manipulate us. They have taken on the attitude of past rulers by removing truth from our lives and constantly lying to us. If god is real then god must be truth for we base our lives on truths. When our leaders start lying to us and force us to change our behavior on a lie, then we are no longer following the word of god, god is not a lie. By not following truth, we will eventually be lead down the road of a horrible life which will cause more distrust and havoc between our friend and neighbors. Truth is what keeps society functioning as a whole, when politicians remove truth from our lives, we will be left with empty promises and perpetual lies. This is what breaks societies down for when there is no trust in government, the society soon starts to fall, business can't function openly and honestly and life becomes more difficult. This is what governments create, an atmosphere of distrust, lies and eventually destruction.

The organization responsible for millions of deaths around the world is the United Nations

Ever since they were founded, the United Nations has been nothing but trouble for the world. From the 1950s to today, the United Nations has been manipulated by rouge and evil nations and used as a tool to control decisions made by the world. From the way the communists rolled over Eastern Europe in the 1950s to the way communists rolled over Vietnam, North Korea and Cambodia the United Nations stood by. Millions upon millions were murdered, tortured, butchered and left for dead and the United Nations did nothing to prevent this tragedy because it was caused by Dictators and Communists. The United Nations does not oppose the rule of Communists or Dictators. They only attack free capitalist nations.
In the 1990s they ignored genocide in Rwanda and Sudan. United Nations employees were taking advantage of the people suffering all over Africa, UN employees repeatedly raped under aged children and sold videos of the rapes. These are all destructive behaviors of the United Nation which prove its in effectiveness under their leadership.

Taxes and Politicians

Government uses our income tax system to manipulate our behavior, punish us if we are successful and oppress us if we are poor. They string us along with Tax credits and tell us how they will raise taxes on the wealth to make us feel better. The problem is when they raise taxes on the wealthy, then the wealthy must fire employees to mee the new higher taxes the government is demanding. This is how they destroy our lives and our hopes.

If we want to reform the the government, we must start by reforming our income tax system. To do this, first we should require politicians to fill out their own taxes with out the aid of an accountant. If they fail to fill out their taxes correctly and accurately, they should be send to jail! This law alone would put an end to April 15th and the IRS once and for all.

The real cause of Market Meltdown and Recession

The government of The United States with the leadership of Nancy Pelosi in Congress has stolen our individual rights and wrecked our comfort of living by manipulating the powers of the federal government. To take our freedom back from the government, we must insist that the federal government close every federal department they have created starting with the department of energy. Every major recession in the United States was due to congress tampering with the departments they have created. The Recessions of 1980 and 2008 can be both traced back to congress tampering with the Department of Energy!

Our Media is Covering Up News!

This week news surfaced about scientists who have been lying and manipulating data on Global Warming.  This just proves that our federal government with the aid of the media has been manipulating true data just for the purpose of controling our lives.   If this does not prove that the media is playing destructive politics with our lives then nothing else will.  This is the reason our leaders must be bought in line and stripped of their powers over us.  These are powers via Department of Energy, Department of Commerce and every other department the federal government uses to control our lives and the main stream media stands by and encourages government oppression.

Man responsible for Global Warming?

How can man be responsible for the temperature of a planet which has been here for over 4.5 billion years.  In that time, our planet has been ravaged by weather, meteors, volcanoes and other violent natural disasters.   Now our government is creating new laws and regulations and making us pay billions of dollars in extra fees.  This is junk science and politicians are using this junk science to take money from our pockets.  This is the kind of politics that is destroying the American way of life!

Health Care for American Seniors

The destructive universal health care in socialized nations is rationing health care for seniors.  American senior citizens receive much better quality private health care here in the United States than any universal health care around the world.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Will the media investigate Al Gores new book ?

The Main stream media sent a team of lawyers to investigate Sarah Palins new book, will the media investigate Al Gore's new book?  Probably not, even though Al Gore has just been proven to be a complete fraud, the elites in Washington does not care, its time to fire all the Washington beltway reporters.  Its painfully obvious that they do not want us to reform Washington, they are too close to the politicians.  Case in point " White house brags they control news media "

Health Care

Finally the truth about global warming!

The data has been manipulated!  The truth just came out that scientist have been manipulating data, as usual!
President Obama just gave a speech reinforcing his stand on the cap and trade American economy killer bill.  The correct action would be to stop any and all climate change and EPA legislation.

Pelosi, the root of all evil

Not only did  this woman tear the heart out of our economy by blocking energy reform, she is about to tear the heart out of our parents and grand parents by denying them health care.  If you choose not to buy health care, she will send you to JAIL!  The power of this woman is too big for one person in Washington DC alone.

What is congress doing to us?

These people in Washington DC are dangerous,they don't care how much damage they cause us in our lives.  Americans have to unite and take powers back from congress, they have proven to us that they are irresponible with our rights.  Its time congress sacrifice by closing the Department of Energy.  That one decision alone would save us over $500billion in one year and bring back over 2million of the 5 million jobs lost in 2008-2009.