Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Our federal Government is a Godless bunch of Liars

The amount of lies that come out of Washington DC has reached a level we have never seen before. History tells us that God is Truth, god is not an all powerful object, thing, spirit, symbol or a person, it is the simple act of speaking the truth. By that definition, almost all of our politicians are evil lying cheating greedy corrupt people. We can see these evil politicians spreading lies and dividing our nation almost daily in the media from health care to energy to taxes. When our federal government refuses to acknowledge the real truth about global warming, when they mislead us over universal health care or taxes, when they do everything they do to conceal, cover up and hide their true intentions then they are letting evil guide them to manipulate us. They have taken on the attitude of past rulers by removing truth from our lives and constantly lying to us. If god is real then god must be truth for we base our lives on truths. When our leaders start lying to us and force us to change our behavior on a lie, then we are no longer following the word of god, god is not a lie. By not following truth, we will eventually be lead down the road of a horrible life which will cause more distrust and havoc between our friend and neighbors. Truth is what keeps society functioning as a whole, when politicians remove truth from our lives, we will be left with empty promises and perpetual lies. This is what breaks societies down for when there is no trust in government, the society soon starts to fall, business can't function openly and honestly and life becomes more difficult. This is what governments create, an atmosphere of distrust, lies and eventually destruction.