Monday, April 26, 2010

Commentary on Immigration April 26, 2010

Destructive Politics - Immigration April 26, 2010

- How do we solve the Immigration problem we are currently living with.

Before we fall for the notion that it can be done over night, we must step back and look at history. Immigration has been a problem in the United States for over 100 years. To make things worse, over the past 100 years, our brave and brilliant leaders in government did everything they could to complicate the immigration issue. This is probably because the problem with immigration became more and more complex each time the US congress passes a new law or bill. Instead of solving the problem, they are making it more and more complex. The immigration problem did not start at our borders, it started with politicians and bribes in Washington to hold on to power, some until their last breath!

So how do we solve the Immigration Problem?

To solve the problem we must begin dismantling the federal departments in Washington D.C. The first thing to do is create an atmosphere businesses get tax breaks so they can make profits and create new jobs.

To bring growth back to our economy, congress should consider closing the Federal Department of Energy for starters. Closing the DOE would take the control of energy production out of the hands of one Dictatorial politician, in this case Henry Waxman, and spreading control of energy production to 50 states. This would let Oil companies shop around and work with states who choose to partner up with business friendly state governments. This in turn would create extra revenue for states and pay residents dividends like they do in Alaska. By removing the Department of Energy from our economy, the obstacles created by the DOE would free up the economy. By closing this department, we could save over $500 billion a year which will be relief for all Americans who rely on affordable energy (according to EBE). There will be over 2 million new jobs created in the first year alone from all the new jobs created by energy producers all over the US! With the economy growing, peoples cost of living will become more affordable and Americans will demand more low cost affordable and untaxed labor from our neighbors to the south. This happens every time our economy expands.

Once the DOE is closed, we must continue forward and onward to close the EPA as well as every other department ending with the Department of Treasury. Once At the Department of Treasury, our tax codes must be re written and a 2% federal tax should be levied on all goods sold. With no annual burdening tax forms to fill out and no IRS, everyone will pay equal taxes, including the Illegal Immigrants and crooked politicians. Outside of property taxes, as long as immigrants are renting, they pay the same taxes as any other American citizens who rents. With no yearly taxes to fill out, we will save millions of acres of forrest for billions of tons of paper will no longer be wasted on federal government.

Year after year, billions of people travel to our nation so they too can enjoy all the beauty America has to offer. Millions of the people also decide to stay in America, many illegally! They live amongst us in the shadows working and utilizing our schools, hospitals and infrastructure. As generous as American Tax payers are, we are not naive. We know when someone is taking advantage of our generosity so naturally, we get upset when Illegal Immigrants abusive behavior bankrupt our hospitals and destroy neighborhoods. This happens only change if they too pay their fair share to our economy the same way we do. The truth is Immigrants are so deeply interwoven to our way of life that to round them up and send them back would be devastating to our economy. The solution is to create laws which protect citizens and allow illegals to work in our country legally for they are important to our economy.

The main reason our Immigration problems are so out of synch is because congress created artificial wages in the US. Wages which many nations around us do not have, wages which are as 3x or more as high as wages in neighboring countries. This will naturally draw low wage employees to America!

The bottom line is congress must close all federal departments which they created, excluding defense, Social Security and Medicare, those must be fixed under strict guidelines which lean towards private Social Security accounts . We have all seen what congress has done to our Social Security, there is no reason to trust them with anything.

The Immigration problem can and will be solved if congress decides to act properly. Other if they keep behaving as they do today, we will have another 100 years of immigration debates and no mening full bills.