Monday, December 12, 2011

Wonkbook: The real unemployment rate is 11 percent

Don't Believe the Government lies when they tell you unemployment is 8.6%, the real unemployment rate is north of 10% and will be until the federal department of Energy and EPA are closed down for good!

here are some facts written by Ezra Klein at 07:51 AM ET, 12/12/2011

"Since 2007, the percent of the population that either has a job or is actively looking for one has fallen from 62.7 percent to 58.5 percent. That's millions of workers leaving the workforce, and it's not because they've become sick or old or infirm. It's because they can't find a job, and so they've stopped trying. That's where Luce's calculation comes from. If 62.7 percent of the country was still counted as in the workforce, unemployment would be 11 percent. In that sense, the real unemployment rate -- the apples-to-apples unemployment rate -- is probably 11 percent. And the real un- and underemployed rate -- the so-called "U6" -- is near 20 percent."