Sunday, September 13, 2015

Who is Fit to be President?

Who is fit to be President?

     Some in the media are asking if  Trump, Ben Carson or any non politician is fit to be president of the United States....  That depends on what it takes to be presidential.. does it mean one must lie, cheat and ignore constitutional duty to stop Destructive Politics?    No, that is not Presidential, that is political, it is also what the media and Washington D.C. see as the pre-requisite to be president.  Lying like a Clinton, cheating like Obama.. those are the people whose hidious character the American Media is protecting. Today, September 11,2015, we are ruled by a shadow government while the president enjoys life on the golf course.  Obama's shadow government is compiled of  34 Czars   working hard churning regulations on a daily basis restricting our freedoms and ruiling our lives.  Under direction of these 34 Czars, our government is engaged in all sourts of malicious mischief

In reality..

     The non politicians are infact more fit to be president than any politician.  The constitution does not require anyone to have held any elected office to qualify to be President of the United States.   That being said, it seems that lawyers have taken over Washington D.C. and are circumventing laws and rules whenever one does not fit their ideology.


     America needs a strong leader now more than ever.  A leader who will put freedom above Federal governments intrusion.  This leader must end the reign of some of our most destructive federal departmants.  Our leader must shut down, dismantle and auction off all assets of these evil federal Department of Energy, EPA, Department of Education and systematically dismantle and privatize these destructive federal departments.

    Today the facts are clear and obvious.  The greed and lies congress has allowed flourish just to protect Federal Departments is alarming.  Our entre federal government is one giant mob run entity.  If anyone tries to challenge any Department, both Repbulicans and Democrats rush to defend such destructive organizations. The only way to have peace on earth is to close federal departments, they are the most corrupt and destructive establishments to the United States and the world!