Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Henry Waxman, the face of evil and corruption

The person responsible for destroying our future if Cap and Trade Energy bill becomes law is Rep. Henry Waxman Click here for Department of Energy . Most Americans have no clue who this man is or what he is about to do with the cost of energy. Everyone, especially the poor and the homeless will suffer. Henry Waxman is the man heading the Committee on Energy and Commerce and is responsible for pushing the Cap and Trade Tax through Congress. What that means is the price of food and gasoline increase and unemployment will keep rising. Everything in our lives revolves around cheap energy. That includes getting to work, getting food, having hot water, electricity, gadgets, cellphones, laptops, everything! Energy is as important to us as clean air and clean water. If the price of energy goes up, it will destroy peoples lives just like it destroyed peoples lives in 2008 when the price of gasoline doubled. In 2008-2009 Over 4million Americans lost their jobs, all due to the high price of energy. The world didn't fall apart because of banks and oil companies, the world fell apart because Congress with the leadership of Nancy Pelosi purposely stood by while the price of gasoline and oil more than doubled in under 2 years. This in essence was an energy tax on all of us, rich and poor. Today, Rep Henry Waxman is pushing a law which will triple the price of energy, YES TRIPLE. Price of gasoline will be $7/gallon and the price of oil will be over $200 a barrel. The only way to stop this madness is to demand that congress CLOSE THE DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY NOW!