Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Man Made Global Warming is a Hoax!

Scientist have been concealing data which directly prooves that man made global warming does not exist, Click here to read about it!. The truth is out, if congress still wants to pass the energy tax, they will be committing fraud against American taxpayers right in the open. Email your representative and let him know you know the truth about global warming. If they have been lying about man made global warming, imagine what else your federal government lying to you about? Ethanol? Banking? Wars, Terrorists? The bottom line is congress is filled with people who have agendas, most of which will destroy lives and jobs all across America. The way to ensure congress can't disrupt our lives is to demand that congress closes the Energy committee and comerce. If we start with the Energy Department, within 1 year over 3 million jobs will be created and the price of gasoline should drop to around $1/gallon. Go to Destructivepolitics and send your congressman an email, demand that they close the department of energy!