Friday, January 15, 2010

Firms announce big oil find beneath shallow Gulf waters

For all those people who believe we have to rely on green energy because we are running out of Oil and Natural Gas, please read this article. We are discovering more large oil fields almost every year yet we still depend on our neighbors for most of our energy. This must stop, the way we stop this is by closing the department of energy and removing the control of our energy supplies from the greedy hands of one politician (Nancy Pelosi) . The key is to close the Department of Energy and spreading control of energy all across America and put it back into the hands of private corporations where it belongs. Energy is a commodity which is distributed most efficiently by businesses who seek to earn profits. When the federal government gets involved, they create an obstacle to the free flow of energy by artificially causing prices to double from Electricity to Home Heating Oil to Gasoline!

McMoRan Exploration Co. today announced what it said could be one of the largest oil and natural gas discoveries in the shallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico in decades.