Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Nancy Pelosi telling the world that what we saw did not really happen in Nov 2009 election

Nancy Pelosi will never admit to being wrong, as evident by this video taken in 2009 after they lost the election. No matter what, she will keep believing that Democrats are on the right path and she will demand that people follow her lead or she will reprimand. The true powers that be in Washington D.C. lie with speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi. This is exactly why we must take power out of the hands of socialists like Pelosi.

“From our perspective, we won last night,” the California Democrat told reporters during a Wednesday photo op. “We had one race that we were engaged in, it was in northern New York, it was a race where a Republican has held the seat since the Civil War. And we won that seat. So, from our standpoint, no, a candidate was victorious who supports health care reform, and his remarks last night said this was a victory for health care reform and other initiatives for the American people.”